Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Platter & Plate Painting

I bought this platter a few years back it just sitting in my buffet not being used, because it had a few chips. I went to Hobby Lobby a few months ago & purchased some plates that were chipped too, I knew I wanted to paint them & do some sort of project with them and thought while I am at it I could paint the platter too.
 This is how awesome the platter turned out, I now have it sitting on our wet bar~
I painted the middle with spray chalk board paint and the outer boarder with  brushed nickle.  I wanted the outer boarder to be  pearl so that I can have it for every day use but I was not able to find any, this looks just as good as it kind of looks pearly~
 This is what I started out with, I love the shape & knew it would be great as a chalk board~
I first painted the middle with the chalk board paint then covered it & painted the boarder with this brushed nickle~ Now I have a lovely new chalk board platter that I can use to leave messages or actually use it to serve something~Imagine that!

I actually have 4 of these plates but I used  3 for this project.  I painted 1 a glitter brown, another brown (no glitter) & the 3rd a silver~
 I bought these at an estate sale for $1.00 each, they were in poor shape tarnished & dirty, but I knew I could make them over~
I was not able to find the pictures of the brown plates ~Sorry but here is the silver one.
 Of course in order to make these over I took out my trusty silver leaf & went to town~
They look new now right, so sharp & pretty~
 I had this brooch hanging on a piece of velvet hanging in our living room, but thought it would look great on these plates~ I thought wrong =o(
Here they are, I love the way the two silver leafed ones turned out but I am not so sure about the brooch it is a little bulky & it sticks out a little more than what I would like.  I guess I am on the hunt for something new for this plate but I will leave this until then. I have these hanging in my kitchen to bring in that love of royalty I seem to have throughout our house.
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Saturday, October 20, 2012


To all
that entered
50th Birthday
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Saying Goodbye & Fall Kitchen Decor~

I had this posting in my head all day yesterday, but I just did not have it in me to post anything.  You see, yesterday we had to put our beloved dog down, and I can honestly say it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.  I asked my husband to please make an appointment to take our dog in to just have a check up and we were told he had so many issues that if we just put "band aids" on them it may just prolong his life for 2 weeks perhaps a year.  He had no quality of life because he could not see or hear so we needed to make this decision together.  He was my dog, we rescued him and I really wanted him.  Once our angel was diagnosed with this rare cancer we just put the animals on the back burner and our little dog suffered for it.  We are dealing with that guilt now.  It is so sad & I miss him terribly and I know my husband does as well because tonight he went out to get them ready for bed & he came back in very shortly after having gone out saying "I forgot"  =o(  SO SAD!



 Once I got the angels off to school this morning I looked around our home & thought the living room looked so pretty decorated for fall that I pulled out some other "fallie" decor I had and got to work.  I put together several vignettes & I am not sure which one I like most.  I am hoping you will help me make up my mind.
 Can you tell that the cloche is balancing on the pumpkin?
 How about bunny can you spot him?  I had these mini sugared pumpkin, acorns & gourds~
I brought in the branch from the back yard and this small glass pumpkin is a candle I bought years ago~
# 2
I just recently made this succulent centerpiece for my kitchen window~
 When we got married I exchanged something we got duplicates of & bought this bowl for .99, I am not sure what it is made out of, it is some type of stone & it is very heavy~
This is a very fancy pineapple and I LOVE IT~
# 3
 These 2 pumpkins I bought earlier this week, they add such sparkle along with my mini faux sugar fruit and my beautiful rooster~
The tray I used is the one I bought while thrifting a few months ago, it is perfect for these vignettes~
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 Pens + 1 Rug = BEAUTY

What do you get
when you add 
a black pen
& a brown pen
to 1 plain rug?
 BEAUTY! Right?
All I used was 2 paint pens black & brown  a very plain rug plus my homemade stencil~
 The half way point~
Finished Product~
This was easy to do and it took me a few hours to measure it all out & paint the design, something to note, if you happen to do this, go with the nap of the rug it will make painting so much easier.  This is the 3rd rug I have painted over the years one I painted just a solid color & I painted on the fabric dye with a paint brush & the other is just like this except it is gold & black & I am wanting to change it to brown & black to match this new one.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hubby Is Tied Up + 50th Birthday Giveaway~

My husband is catching the creative bug again.  Earlier this week  I saw him coming down from the attic with part of one of the angels cribs I assumed he was going to throw it away.  I got busy doing something around the house & when I walked into our mater bathroom  I saw him putting his ties on the crib.  Intrigued?
Take a Look~
Crib To Tie Rack~
                         He is weaving them through the bars where he will easily see them~
This is what they looked like before he came up with this wonderful idea~
His closet has a window so he did not have wall room to hang it so he needed to hang it in front of the window, it works for him so that each morning as he gets dressed he will not need to dig through them.
He even had enough room for his belts.  I am ashamed to say his closet is much cleaner than mine, guess I need to step it up a bit.  As I was taking pictures he asked me "are you going to put this on your blog"? I told him it was such an ingenious idea that yes it needed to be on AID!   I am so proud of him for coming up with a great idea!!
50th Birthday Giveaway!
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