Monday, April 30, 2012

A Little Paint Project

Today one of the angels was sick so I kept him home with me.  I too, was a bit under so I did not get much done.   I did however, paint this metal Fleur de Lis that I bought at Hobby Lobby for 90% off, it was marked $49.99 so I only paid $4.99~yea for me!!
The color's were purple & green for, Mardi Gras therefore the sale.  I wanted this to go in our powder room window.
Here is the before~

 Here Is The After~  I love the way it looks now~
Thank you & Many Blessings~

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Are You A Lister?

I make lists, lists for everything!  Does that make me OCD no, it just make me organized very organized!  Okay, not so very organized & this list will prove it to be so.  I initially made this list when the angels went back to school in the fall, hoping I would get it all done before school let out.
Allow me to show you what I accomplished & not accomplished:

Paint Island~NOT DONE
Butcher Block The Island~NOT DONE
Stencil Tile~NOT DONE
Shelf In Pantry~DONE
Paint Pantry~NOT DONE
Window Treatment~NOT DONE
Organize Pantry~DONE

Gold Leaf Mirror~DONE
Caulk Bar Area~DONE
Paint Bar Area~DONE
Slip Cover~
Organize Entry Closets~DONE

New Chairs~DONE
Make New Curtain Rod~DONE
Paint Lamp~DONE (bought new/better one)
Clean Window Casings~DONE

Change Decor~DONE
Rugs (paint?)~NOT DONE
Panel on Linen Closet~DONE (BUT HATED IT)

Rugs (buy & paint)~NOT DONE
Organize Toys/Games~DONE
Eye Decor~DONE
Chalk Board~NOT DONE

Rugs (bought today)~NOT DONE
Paint Frames~DONE
Stencil File Cabinet~DONE
Paint Qtr. Round~NOT DONE
Install Wood Flooring~DONE
Recover Books~DONE
Paint Book Shelf~DONE
Cover Books~DONE

Build Bed Platform~DONE
Cover Platform~DONE
New Bed Covers~DONE
Make Headboard~DONE
Frame Pope's Picture~DONE
Art Work~DONE
Organize Closet~DONE
Make new Curtains~DONE

Make Headboard~DONE (NEED TO FIX)
Art Work~DONE
Build Bed Platform~DONE
Cover Platform~DONE
Frame Pope's Picture~DONE
Cover Open Outlet Hole~DONE
Paint Bookshelf Backing~ALMOST DONE
Make New Curtains~DONE
Organize Closet~DONE

Sofa Table~NOT DONE
Fix & Hang Mirror~DONE
Buy & Paint Lamps~NOT DONE
Make Stencil~NOT DONE
Stencil Walls~NOT DONE
New Bedding~DONE
Paint Frames~DONE
Organize MY Closet~DONE (at least 3x)
Clean Window Casings~DONE

Paint Fixtures & Shower Frame~NOT DONE
New Towels~DONE
Towel Holders~DONE
Stencil~NOT DONE
New Towel Holders~DONE

I got a lot more done than I thought, out of 68 items I have completed 44 of them, I only have approx 30 days to complete it all.  Do I think I will get it all done?  No I do not think so, but that is alright with me.
In fact I already have another list going in my head, it never ends does it?
So, are you a lister?  If so what do you make lists for?

Thank You & Many Blessings~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

F for Failure~

I am posting this to show you that not everything I do is perfect or even works out like it did in my dreams.  So, basically I am keeping it real for you.

It all started with this basic Ikea shelving unit: I use it for the angels linens~

 I painted it, changed the "feet" from square to round & I also changed the handle.  It looks so much brighter~ Right?

You can take a look at the feet here as well as the paint splatters on the floor~how's that for keeping it real?

This is what I used to help with the beautifying process~

I laid out the aluminium & coated the door panel with Mod Podge~

I cut away the excess aluminium and gave it a coat with my favorite metallic paint it looked like this~

It looked so terrible I ripped the aluminium right off & into the bin it went.  :0(  Now I need to think of my options, last week while in Michael's I saw some mirror like scrap book paper, that is one option, I also saw some die-cut circles in bright colors or some die-cut cut outs~I just don't know~
Have you any ideas on how I might cover this panel?

Thank You & Many Blessings~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

That ~2~ This

I was a busy little bee today.  I am trying to wrap up some unfinished projects I also, started a few!  Will I ever learn?

I have 2 of these swans, told you I love them & collect them too!  I like the glass look but as I looked around our home I noticed I have tons of glass so I decided to give these swans a makeover~ Can you guess what I did?  No, okay, I will show you.  But first, the before~

Like I said, I have 2 of these swans one I bought with flowers that yikes, I paid $9.99 for, I really loved the swan so I needed to get it.  The other I found at my very favorite thrift store for $.75

Yep~I leafed them, copper this time!  What do you think?  I am really please with the out turn.  For these I gave them a more of a scratchy finish rather than  smooth and you can see the movement & texture in the picture. I love swans so much I feel like they possess grace & elegance, just like my beautiful mother~

                     But wait, there's more, swans that is~
Excuse the quality and the mess in the background, like I said busy, busy day!

I just gave this swan a quick makeover, with a little ice blue metallic paint & LOVE~

These were originally black & taupe and I painted them in primary colors for our den, I liked them but I changed the theme in the den & I wanted to put these in our master bath. I bought these on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $1.20 each.
At times it is difficult for me to remember to take before pictures, evident here~

Look how pretty they are now~  I love different tones of gold & silver too!

Thank You & Many Blessings~

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Monday, April 23, 2012

NM Style Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas

I LOVE~LOVE GREEN CHILI, I love it so much that tonight I made some green chili chicken enchiladas. Here is how I made them, I do not use a recipe I cook by taste & rarely use a recipe.  Follow along & I will show you how I made them.

Ingredients: Whole rotisserie chicken, cream of chicken soup, corn tortillas, & of course roasted green chili~

                                           First I shred the chicken into small pieces~

                   Next I add the cream of chicken soup, I used 3 small cans, I wanted leftovers! =0)

                 I then prepare my favorite ingredient~ Green Chili!  I am going to peel this bad boy~

My chili is all chopped & ready to go! I love to have it freshly chopped with fresh tomatoes chopped into it or just on a tortilla with a bit of salt~

                                                   Add garlic powder & salt to taste~

                        I line a casserole dish with corn tortillas and this begins my layering of goodness~

                                  Here is the second layer of the chicken, soup & chili mixture~

                                        The next layer is cheese yummy gooey cheese~

Continue to layer until you have either used up your mixture or you can no longer fit anything else into your casserole dish.  I was able to get 4 layers of yumminess. Pop into your oven for approx. 30 minutes~

I serve it up with some lettuce & tomato garnish, also, when I am on top of things I will make Spanish rice & serve that along with tortillas (flour) & we enjoy!  I hope you will too!
I hope you will make this yummy deliciousness, if you do please let me know.  Also, if you have questions ask me & I will answer them as best as I can.  =0)

*Note~You can use canned green chili if you prefer.  In many places they also sell frozen green chili in tubs, but we have ours shipped in so that we have some on hand when we have a craving for it.

Thank You & Many Blessings~

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I Clean & Lift Stains With~

After I returned home from my trip to see the besties I saw this large red stain on our sofa, I thought it was blood & asked my husband about it & he did not think it was since none of the angels got hurt & bled while I was gone~whew!  It was a fairly large stain~

                    I also found this white stain, again my husband did not know where it came from~

               I took out my trusty bottle of peroxide, I transferred it to a spray bottle for ease of use~

                             I spray it directly onto the spot I do not dilute it just use it full strength.

Here it is doing it"s job~

I just allow it to sit on the spot I do not try to clean it off with a cloth as I do not want the stain to get into the fibers of the sofa.

Here is where the stain "WAS"
Like magic it is gone~

I love to use peroxide on stains I use it on all types of fabrics, it is inexpensive & it cleans & lifts stains so easily.

Thank you & Many Blessings~

My Cushions Went From Orange To Green~

I originally thought that the orange on these decorative cushions would just naturally turn beige right?  It just seemed right to me, but what I got was far more beautiful than I ever thought.  I was going to place these in our master bedroom, but they looked so much better in our den with the green stripe in the drapes and the small hints of green through out the room.
Here is what they looked like before, oh by the way I bought these at my favorite thrift store ($2.00ea.) brought them home washed them and now this is what they look like:

                      The flocking in these pictures look brown rather than the orange they "were".

                                                    Here they look a bit more orange.

Are you astonished?  Hee Hee!  I sure am I was so not expecting them to turn out this color of bright vibrant green.  I do not normally use bleach in our home.  We try and try hard to not use any chemicals, but I had this bleach pen for sometime now & I so wanted the cushions to be a different color that I gave it a try. I only worked while the angels were in school & I put them away in a room where they do not enter as I worked on them, it took a few man hours to do this & after I was finished  washed them in vinegar.  I just LOVE~LOVE the color~What do you think?
I want to rearrange the den & I will do that Monday so that will be my next post so that you can see the whole room put together.

Thank You & Many Blessings~

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank You~Veronica

I have been wanting to thank Veronica over at Life In The Thrifty Lane since I started this blog, and today I am doing just that, I am sending her, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!  Thank you, for all of your wonderful help!
The reason for my thank you, you ask? Well it came about when I started to write my blog I knew I needed some help & BAD!  I was and still am not tech savvy I would check out some great blogs Veronica's being one & see the neat things they can do like, host link parties, feature a blog, or just join a link party most blogs even had cool graphics and lovely pictures.  I knew I would not be able to do any of this on my own.  I would look at Veronica's blog often & when I finally had my blog up & started, I left her a comment on how much I enjoyed Life In The Thrifty Lane and asked her to please check out mine and perhaps give me some ideas/tips on how I might improve my blog and you want to know something she was sweet enough even though she was very busy preparing for a craft show to give me those much needed ideas and sent me some pointers, url's & ideas. I truly can't thank her enough for all she has done in taking the time to assist me & my new blog, I know I have a long way to go but Veronica gave me a great start.

Please take the time and head on over to Life In The Thrifty Lane & show her some love as she showed me.

Thank You & Many Blessings

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Ghost Story~

During my trip to see my best friends, Maria & I went to an estate sale after a yummy~yummy lunch at my very favorite restaurant.  While we were walking along checking things out she felt something/someone touch her bum not once but twice.  Are you scared?  After she felt it the first time she turned & asked me why am I  touching her bum?  I let he know that I did not touch her in any way and then she felt it again.  That was the only exciting thing we saw/felt in the sale I did however pick up a swan to add to my growing collection.  I only paid $2.00 for her.

                                                         Pretty Glass & Brass Swan~

It is the most colorful swan I own so I think I will just keep it in our kitchen, perhaps hang it from the window.  Swans mean so much to my family as my mothers maiden name means swan so we all collect them, I once had a larger collection but honestly I do not know what happened to some of them.

                          Also, as I was getting ready to leave Daisy's house she gave me this~
                                         Silver Blown Glass Swan with white feathers~

           I know this is not the best picture so I will take another tomorrow to share...again, sorry! Believe me she is beautiful and she looks so lovely with the rest of my collection that I have under cloche's that I have pieced together.

I hope you enjoyed my ghost story & you were not to frightened~HeeHeeHee!
Later in the week I will share more pictures of my trip.

Thank you & Many Blessings~

I Took A Little Trip

I recently went on a trip to see my best friends that I miss so very much, I got to see all of them and even had the pleasure to see some of their children...FUN!  A few months ago my friend Daisy asked me to do something with one of her son's room and if I had time her living area also.  Well I had time and I did both rooms & even got her started on her master bedroom!  Woo Hoo~
This is what her son's room looked like before, the whole arrangement would not allow for a good flow~ The bed is pushed up against the wall & it made it hard to make each day. Notice the bookshelves in the second picture I made some big changes there too.

                                                   Can you tell he loves Dr. Seuss?



It flows so much better now and he is able to play on either side of his bed, he also has a small work table on the left side of the bed that he uses to do his homework.  I had one of my other besties Maria as my "assistant" we had so much fun. She & I worked so hard & fast because we wanted to do this while Daisy & her family were at a birthday party. Whew, we almost made it but when they arrived home they were so happy to see some changes going on & got in on the fun and helped us a bit.  Poor Daisy pulled a muscle in her back taking her younger son out of the car so she took it easy & sorted toys to donate.  Daisy's son walked into his room & noticed every thing I did he even noticed that I de-cluttered & re-arranged his bookshelf.  He is soooo smart!  I think on my next visit I will need to do her younger son's room as he has outgrown his toddler bed & wants something new she told me the name but I am not able to recall what it was he wants I think it is some sort of children's super hero.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Please let me know what you think maybe you would have done something different.

Thank you & Many Blessings~
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