Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Platter & Plate Painting

I bought this platter a few years back it just sitting in my buffet not being used, because it had a few chips. I went to Hobby Lobby a few months ago & purchased some plates that were chipped too, I knew I wanted to paint them & do some sort of project with them and thought while I am at it I could paint the platter too.
 This is how awesome the platter turned out, I now have it sitting on our wet bar~
I painted the middle with spray chalk board paint and the outer boarder with  brushed nickle.  I wanted the outer boarder to be  pearl so that I can have it for every day use but I was not able to find any, this looks just as good as it kind of looks pearly~
 This is what I started out with, I love the shape & knew it would be great as a chalk board~
I first painted the middle with the chalk board paint then covered it & painted the boarder with this brushed nickle~ Now I have a lovely new chalk board platter that I can use to leave messages or actually use it to serve something~Imagine that!

I actually have 4 of these plates but I used  3 for this project.  I painted 1 a glitter brown, another brown (no glitter) & the 3rd a silver~
 I bought these at an estate sale for $1.00 each, they were in poor shape tarnished & dirty, but I knew I could make them over~
I was not able to find the pictures of the brown plates ~Sorry but here is the silver one.
 Of course in order to make these over I took out my trusty silver leaf & went to town~
They look new now right, so sharp & pretty~
 I had this brooch hanging on a piece of velvet hanging in our living room, but thought it would look great on these plates~ I thought wrong =o(
Here they are, I love the way the two silver leafed ones turned out but I am not so sure about the brooch it is a little bulky & it sticks out a little more than what I would like.  I guess I am on the hunt for something new for this plate but I will leave this until then. I have these hanging in my kitchen to bring in that love of royalty I seem to have throughout our house.
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