Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friend-OR-Faux & Sisterly LOVE

Before I get into my  DIY project, I wish to touch briefly on the best weekend I have had in a L-O-N-G time.  Two of my wonderful sisters came in for a for an early birthday celebration & can I tell you we had so much fun & I got spoiled too!  I miss my sisters so much and I want them to know how so very much I appreciate them & how much fun I had this weekend.  They are the BEST & I LOVE THEM SO VERY VERY MUCH!           
Okay, now on to~
Cutting The TP & Wrapping Paper Tubes
All The Products I used
 The First Panel~Can You See The Cross?
Second Panel
 Third Panel
Fourth Panel

I am thrilled with the end result!  I worked very hard on this project, I was inspired by,     http://suzyssitcom.com/2010/12/feature-friday-faux-metal-wall-art.html       & thought I would like something like it for our bathroom window instead of the aluminium shades, the last shades we needed to change out in the house.  I asked my husband to measure & build me a frame for the window opening I did not tell him what I had in mind for it  because I wanted to surprise him.  When he recently returned from a trip I had it up on the window once he saw it he said 'that looks nice' I told him I made it, he asked me where did you get the iron pieces?  I told him it was not real iron, but it was made with toilet paper & wrapping paper tubes he took it down & touched it, because he really thought it was iron!  Hah!  I bought 2 cans of Oil Rubbed Bronze paint & I am glad I did, the tubes really soak up the paint.  For the privacy panel I had on hand a plastic sheet used for fluorescent light covers, it was the perfect solution.  Pretty Cool HUH?

Sisterly Love & Fun~
My sisters & I had so much fun this weekend they flew in on Friday & after they visited with my husband & the angels for a while they freshened up & we went to dinner &did a little shopping.  I must say it was fun shopping with my sisters.  I got spoiled and can I tell you, some handsome man flirted with my sister she is beautiful, but she was not feeling well that day so that flirtatious episode was what the Dr. ordered it lifted her spirits & made the rest of our night even more fun!
Here are some pictures of some of the gifts I received :
I have a serious addiction to PJ's, this is the new set I just received!
I actually received a handbag much like this, but my sis needed a large bag for her carry on stuff so she took the new one =o)
Look at this beauty, my sis thought I needed to have this beauty for my fall centerpiece. 
I have a rather large collection of crowns, many of them from my sister (for the angels).  I have them in the angels rooms because I have always called them prince A & prince B I have been collecting them for about 12 years they used to be hard to locate now you find them everywhere! Yea~  This is actually a wince rack, but I am going to use it as a coat hanger.  I love it but I love my sister that bought it for me much more.
Another addiction I have is glass in particular apothecary jars & I just love this set it was perfect for me to downsize from the larger half full ones I had in my vanity area. I just love my sisters, they made my 50th Birthday so special with their visit~ I LOVE YOU MY SISTERS~
Do you have sisters that live far from you & wish you could see them more often?  Did you recently have a birthday?  If yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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