Saturday, February 23, 2013


Do you recall me writing about all of the viruses we had floating/hanging around our home?  Well, we were not the only ones to get sick, because you see my computer also had a pretty bad case of the buggies~

Sometime before 14, February I was browsing a new blog, I looked at a few pages and I think it was either time to eat, drink, take a bath or clean house so I put the computer away only to come back the following day to a big W*A*R*N*I*N*G and then my computer just turned off. Did it crash?  I don't know.  I was so sad and if you follow me you would know that I am so not tech savvy.  I called my sister because she is a brain when it comes to computers, unfortunately she was extremely busy with work, she is a happy busy mommy to 2 handsome boys, her husband had surgery & she needed to have some tests done and was unable to help me out until this past week!    She is just as busy at work, she is still an amazing mommy, her husband is recovering fine from surgery & she had her tests done as well as an MRI that we are awaiting results on.  Pray for her PLEASE!   
She helped me out & got my system up & going again in no time.  For so many things I am grateful that she is my sister, but in this case I am grateful she knows computers & is ALWAYS willing to give me a helping hand~
Gracies meva bella germana.  T'ESTIMO~


  1. Well I think she is the one that blessed to have such an amazing sister as you. ;-)

    I love you sissy and I will always help you when I can.


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