Saturday, June 9, 2012

Small Changes ~ Big Impact~

I have not posted anything in a while and I am sorry for that.  I needed to take one of the angels to see his oncologist and leading up to the days he needs to go in for some tests I am in panic mode, he has already been through so much already.  He was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer and it has turned our world upside down.  On a good note his oncologist said he was doing fine & the tests they performed  also came back fine. Yea!  It also takes me a few days to come off of that worried cycle, I just get so worked up I can't eat or sleep or even blog.  =0(

So now that we know he is fine, I found some energy and  decided to do some small projects around the house as the hubby was trying to get the kinks out of his router table & router, the bit came in so we can start on the bull nose for our stairs today sometime.
Project #1
I started with this brass candle stick holder, this is the type that the bottom screws off, I had already painted it silver, but I did not like the color for this project~
As you can clearly see I painted the bottom portion of the candle stick black, before I glued it to the cheese dish I removed the little feet that were already in place, they were in good enough shape I just wanted something different~
For safe keeping & a nice display I added my husbands daddy's old camera, I think it looks great and I have received compliments on it too!  What do you think??

Project #2
Our sorry looking kitchen island, so boring!  I wanted to add some color & fun~ SOOOO~

I came up with this vignette~COOL right?  Well that's what the angels thought, I used straws I bought at Michael's, Yummy Organic Lollipops & Jelly Beans (yes I separated these colors from the bag), put them on a pedestal I bought years ago from Hobby Lobby & Viola! When my husband got home from the office he said it looked nice & bright~

Project #3
With the lids I removed from the kitchen project (the glass jars) I put together this vignette.  I have collected crowns since the angels were in the womb, as I have always called them Prince A & Prince B along with jewels I put the crowns under the lids.  Again so colorful, yet elegant~

See, small projects but with a big impact~ I sure hope I have this much energy tomorrow to work on some other projects~What do you think of these projects?  Do you have a favorite?  Tell me I sure enjoy reading you comments~

Thank you & Many Blessings~

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  1. First off... Praise God that your son is doing well. Our Lord is GREAT! Second... I love the island, the color brightens it so much. I love how you displayed the camera... I have an old camera and you just gave me a way to display it. All the crowns are so gorgeous. Have a great day!


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