Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi all, I felt it necessary to inform you that I have taken a small break from my blog to make some improvements.  I am studying other blogs with the hope to learn from them, I want to see what they are doing and what makes them so successful. I have learned so much from looking & studying other beautiful and thrifty blogs as well as my favorites, and it is my prayer that once I do return that you like my changes.
If you have seen  beautiful blogs that you think I should study please leave me a comment and I will take a look at them..  Here is a list of my favorite blogs that I have studied at great length:

Kristen's Creations
The Decorated House
Room To Inspire
Apron Thrift Girl

Thank you & Many Blessings~

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  1. I actually think you are best blog I've read so far. Your house looks so beautiful and elegant. I enjoy following you and seeing your ideas come to life. I've even taken steps to improve my home. So good luck w/your quest... I'm sure you'll do good.


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