Monday, December 3, 2012

Outdoor Decor TIP...

Last weekend the hubby started the Christmas outdoor decor and I have to tell you he is soooo smart.  A few years ago when Linens n Things went out of business he went on a shopping spree.  Wanna know what he came home with?  Shower Poles!!  Yep, you read that right.  I asked him what are you going to do with so many shower rods we only have 4 showers in our home?  He told me I am going to use them to hang our wreaths up on the windows!!!  I tell ya that man is SMART.  Take a peek at what he has done~
 Shower Pole~
 He has lined up the pole with the molding on each window pane so that you are not able to see what they are hung with~
 On the large window he hangs the largest wreath with 2 poles~
He has hung lights and these few large ornaments on the large wreath~                        
   (I do not like the ornaments, but shhh don't tell I don't want to hurt his feelings)
Cool right, didn't I tell you he is SMART, not only SMART but GOOD LOOKING too!  I wanted to share this great/awesome tip with you just in case you were struggling with ideas on how to hang your wreaths without nails or screwing into brick or concrete.
The hubby usually decorates the outdoors for all occasions I will tweak it & add my touch, I have yet to do that and really he has not finished decorating either I hope to finish doing all the decorating both indoors & out by the end of the week.  I know I won't get much done today as I have a dentist appointment.  YUCK, I would rather be home decorating for Christmas & cooking too!

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