Thursday, December 6, 2012


Thank you, to all of you that prayed for my angel.  He saw his oncology team  yesterday & his they are all happy with his results.  He had some tests done & they see no more growth of the DFSP, in fact they will not need to see him again until June.  I can't tell you how excited we are as he has been through so much and he hates going to the hospital.  When we tell him he needs to go to the hospital to see his Dr.'s he will tell me NO IV, NO BLOOD, NO NEEDLE & NO TONI (she is the one that does/checks IV's etc...)
While we were at the hospital my husband sends me a text informing me that the school called & asked him to pick up my other angel, he has been coming down with earache after earache for a few months now despite the fact that he has ear tubes in, so today I will take him for a full check up.  Poor angel! I pray that too goes well, because he hates Dr's as well~
Again, thank all of you that have sent well wishes & prayers for my angel, I believe in the power of prayer!!

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