Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Went Thrifting!

It has been sometime since I have been thrifting I mean really thrifting, where I get to take my sweet time look around and around to look for some awesome finds, I can tell you this... it was so nice to visit some of my faves. I picked up a few things, allow me to show you just what I brought home~

This huge haul was from Goodwill I just love these storage bins, an older lady was eyeing them so I let her have 2 others and I brought home these 3, I also bought a bunch of stickers for my angels end of school gifts for classmates and I found a few items for the house too. I paid $23.00 for all of this!
This haul is from a church charity shop that I had not been in, in some time.  For some reason I am so into glass and when I see something I do not have I tend to pick it up, I also love to read so almost every trip to the thrift store I buy books.   I am a big reader and I would rather feel a book in my hand then to hold any devise to read, plus most books are cheap under $1.00 and I like that.  This cross candle holder I want to use to make a flower arrangement on.  Everything else I will use on future projects!!  

Tell me what you have purchased lately that you did not have to spend a ton on!!

Thank You & Many Blessings~

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