Monday, May 21, 2012

Stair Case Remodel STEP 1

We too hopped on this band wagon of tearing up the carpet from our stairs, whew what a job that is, I know you have seen many posts on that process but allow me to add one more!  =o) 
This is the grossness we started with~YUCK!

We got it down to bare wood & we did not want the angels to get splinters (contractors used L~O~W grade wood) so my husband thought to get some rubber  to make it softer for the angels, that's the black you see. 
As much as I loved the idea of using the black  rubber as treads it was kind of difficult to realize the depth of each step but my husband came up with a GREAT idea.  A few weeks ago I stopped at an estate sale where I bought these silver letters & numbers so he asked for them to add to each step~letters go down!

Numbers to go up!  It worked like a charm, the angels move up & down the stairs with their normal ease all thanks to daddy.
This is step 1 (no pun intended) stay tuned for more steps ~ha ha I did it again!

Thank You & Many Blessings~

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