Thursday, September 20, 2012

Global Change & The Painted Chair

Since we have returned from our vacation I seem to only have time to do small projects, I am just so busy doing everything else!  UGH, one really needs a vacation after your vacation!!  Right?
I purchased the globes from Michale's a few months back, I thought they would look perfect in out rec room since I decorated it with a global/map/building theme (trust me it all goes well together) I will post some pictures of this room at a later time.

For the pedestals I used some old brass candlestick holders, I bought these at a thrift store for $1.00 for 5 of them.  I needed to cut off the part that would have held the candle so I grabbed a serrated knife and went to work~it worked beautifully!  Next I painted them a bronze color =0( (sorry no pictures).  I then needed to drill a small hole big enough for me to stick them onto the base of the pedestal and a little dab of glue~AND~
                                                                  Here they are!
                                                                   COOL RIGHT?~
Oh, as you can see I did not use the blue globe that you see in the first picture. Instead I had one on a book end that I took apart & used that I liked the colors much better than the blue one.
                                                                  The Painted Chair
I always prayed for a new way to cover older furniture, because I am just not risky enough to use craft paint with a fabric medium although I have seen some amazing pictures of sofas & chairs painted in this manner.  I am afraid I would mess up so bad & there was NO turning back.  I admire people that take the plunge and 'just do it", you brave, brave souls~
                     This is MY vanity chair and I use it almost everyday when I apply my makeup.
I liked it, I even liked the color, but with 2 little ones running around with dirty fingers at times, it was showing some wear and I was not able to remove some of the stains no matter how hard I  scrubbed~
So I went to one of  my favorite stores Hobby Lobby and purchased 2 cans of this fabric paint in sable brown~
I bought 2 cans because I was not sure what kind of coverage I was going to get & it is better to be safe than sorry~RIGHT?
This is what she looks like now~ It came out really well and I think I achieved pretty good coverage except I think I need to do some touch ups in some places as I am still able to see some stubborn stains that just refuse to be covered~
 I was already thinking of how my sofa & chairs would look painted, but I am not so sure if I am brave enough to do it, especially since they are in great condition.  Would you?
Here is an up close picture of the seat, which I think came out the best, perfect I would say.  It looks like some rich chocolate don't you think~ I am so happy that I tried this, the bad thing is, I want to paint everything now, just like my mommy would want to! She loved to paint~
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  1. The chair turned out nice. You are a brave soul as I've never used the spray paint for fabric. I've seen other folks use it and it seems to work great. Can you tell me how it dries, does it have a tacky feel to it? That's one of the reasons that I've never tried it yet, the thought of the unknown I suppose is whats holding me back.

    1. Jana, I am really happy with the way it turned out. It is not tacky and I only used 1 1/2 cans, I would have used less it was pretty windy that day, but I did not want to wait 1 more day as it is suggested to not sit or use it for 72 hours after painting. It looks, feels and smells just like fabric, I like that it is non-toxic too! Give it a try on something you can toss if you do not like it,you can use it on any fabric so maybe a napkin for your first try.
      Thank you~


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