Monday, September 17, 2012

I Really am Here~NOW!

Okay, so I thought that when I made my blog comeback I would be posting on a regular basis, but as you know that was not the case.  We decided just a few short weeks before hand that we were going to take a family vacation and we would be gone for the whole month.  We wanted to go some place that we had never been before so we looked at North Carolina and the states between here and there.  I thought it would be great to blog from our vacation but that was not to be.  We rented a cabin that was remote so remote, that in order to get to it we needed to drive on dirt roads to get to our cabin high in the mountains.  When we first arrived I was excited because we had internet and I would start on my blog the following day, well... that night we got a bad rain/thunder/lighting storm and although it sounded nice, so soothing and we all slept great, but with all of that rucus we had NO internet service the following morning when I wanted to started on my blog  Originally I was upset, but then I thought, we took this vacation to connect as a family and nothing was going to get in the way of us being together.  It was tough getting ready for our vacation, as I got pretty sick with gallstones and in incredible pain (may need surgery if this medicine does not work/help)and one of my angels needed to have surgery so needless to say I was VERY BUSY prior to leaving and consequently I did not get online to post nor did I have the time to get online to check on anything.  In fact I was given an award & I did not know about it for more than a month & a half.  =0(

Allow me please to share some pictures from our vacation~

This was a cute little shed that had ivy growing all over it.  I loved the way it looked!
This is our deck from the cabin~the angels would swing in the evenings it was so cool and we never needed AC~
This is the view from our cabin, you could see forever~SOOOO Beautiful!
I got the biggest kick out of this utensil holder, it looks like he is holding on to his boobies!

Since we have been back the angels started school and I have been busy shopping for clothes, shoes & supplies since I was not able prior to us leaving on vacation. I have also been busy finishing up some projects I started prior to our departure, cleaning the house, ironing the angels school clothes, meeting new teachers, fixing breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinner I honestly have not had anytime to sit & catch my breath, today I made myself sit down & take a break & let you all know I was still here & missed my blog & of course YOU!  On my next post I will share some more pictures from our vacation and then start showing you the projects I/we finished~


  1. Welcome back Nina. I look forward to seeing your new projects. The pictures of your vacation are beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your time reconnecting with your family.

  2. Our vacation was what the Dr. ordered, we had such a fun time! Thank you for sticking with me~


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