Friday, September 21, 2012

Itchin' for Thriftin'

When we were on vacation for the month of August I was itchin' to go thriftin', I did see some thrift shops but my husband would just not stop, he knows I like to take my time and search for the really good stuff!
Can you believe I went a whole month and a half of not thrifting?  I was having some serious withdrawls.
Yesterday, I was finally able to get out & do some fun thrifting and fun I had, look what I brought home!
Here is the cost run down~
Very soft piece of fabric $4.00
 Set of BRAND NEW planters $10.00
 NEW in Box Handy Manny Projector $2.50 
 NEW Vintage Kitchen Magic Veggie Slicer $5.00
 2 BRAND NEW Frames .99 ea
 Baby Einstein & Talking Hands VHS Tapes .25 ea.
 Books .50 ea.
 NEW IN BOX Cheese Plate & Knife $4.00
 NEW IN BOX Drawer Liners $1.99
Wood Tray $4.99

For A Grand Total of: $37.21
Not bad, considering most of the items I bought were BRAND NEW. Hmm, now what am I going to do with all of these goods~gifts for sure and I just may keep a few for my self!  =o)
What is the longest you ever went with out thrifting? Let me know I am curious if you also had withdrawls.

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