Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Small~Cute & Colorful

I want one of these little vardos (gypsy caravan). It is so cute, small & full of color!  I wanted to take a look inside, but was unable to find anyone around to ask so I took pictures of the outside, it is very difficult to see the carving above the door, but trust me it is so pretty and the light fixture was very intricate too.  I made my husband take my by this vardo so many times  hoping I would find someone to allow me to take a peak, and to get more/better pictures, but it looks like we are going to have to use our imaginations and decorate in our minds!

I wish the light fixture had not been covered in plastic, so that I could have taken a picture of it & you could see just how pretty it is~

Look at how pretty & colorful it is, it would make me so happy to have one of these vardos~

I was so impressed that they put solar panels on the roof~SMART!  I hate camping but if I had one of these I would go every weekend~

Take a look at the interior of these vardos~ some are so elegant~

I love the colors used in this vardo~                            Look at the intricate wood work on this one~

The interior of these are so tight it amazes me what one is able to put in~
 Many different styles, I am not picky I will take anyone, just make sure it has the solar panels on the roof~

They all look so cozy~ Which one do you like?

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  1. I am obsessed with the gypsy wagons as well. My dream is to have one in the backyard for a tea room, with ALL the colors, beads, fabrics! For now I will settle for my boho gazebo with gypsy curtains that I made. But one day....


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