Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween~Fall Decor

I am a bit late in getting my Halloween~Fall Decor up this year, what with our vacation and just last week I went to see my sisters and attended a mass in honor of our beautiful mother.  I am crazy getting the house ready for fall ~AND~ 2 of my sisters are coming to help us celebrate my 50th Birthday!  WOW, I can not believe I am turning 50, I sure do not feel like it I feel more like 30ish. =O)
Okay, so now lets get on with the decor shall we:
The Mantel
 I asked my husband to get our Fall decor out of storage and I was so surprised at how many bins he took out ~ '3' Yikes!   I chose these 2 cream colored pumpkins perfect for the mantel I thought, then I looked around to see what I had laying around our home.  I started putting the pumpkins in compotes, but it made them look so tall and close to the ceiling , it just did not look right, I remembered I bought this set of candle holders, for $1.00 each at a thrift store of course and they did the trick!
 This tie back was my inspiration and it got the ball  pumpkin rolling!  I bought it at Hobby Lobby for $4.19 a few years ago and it still had the tags attached. (shhhh don't tell my husband)  many of the other items/ornaments I had on hand as I use many of them in my Christmas decor as well so I did not need to spend tons of money!
I L~O~V~E this copper bird, I named it 'Tir' after my mommy, because she was a natural red head and she was so beautiful!  I just love how it shimmers from all the glitter, this is really a Christmas ornament I went shopping  yesterday to buy something special for my mantle and "she" flew out at me! ;0) It was the perfect thing.  Of course I needed to incorporate a monogram, this is actually chip board that I colored in with a metallic pen and simply taped it onto the pumpkin. I like how it casts shadows onto the pumpkin because it does not lay flat against it.  I will tell you a secret, I have a stenciled 'T' in black on the back side of this pumpkin, but since I went with an earthier tone the black was a bit to stark!


Coffee Table

Since I am doing my Fall decorating on the fly & quickly I am thrilled with the way my coffee table decor turned out. For this I  used both Fall & Christmas items that I bought last year or years past all after the season & I normally wait for at least 50% off or they came from thrift stores~
 Here is the low down:  The candle holders were bought at a thrift store for $12.00 for the pair the gold leaf compote is from the same thrift store $3.00 as well as the acorn $.50 the rest are from Hobby Lobby again  most I had on hand from years past. I wanted to interject a pop of color that is where the lime green comes into play in this picture you can not see the lime green leaf  but the next photo you are able to see it better.
 The pumpkins on the candle holders are glass, when I put them on my husband got this look and said uhhh, I asked what?  He said he would be more comfortable if they were not so high, but I reminded him that the angels do not touch any of my decor and they never had, okay there was that time my son saw the 2 NEW cloches that were sitting on my table and said look mommy I am doing like Despicable Me and proceeded to drop one!

 Here is an up close picture of the compote, can you spot the lime green leaf?  Trust me it looks so good in with all these other muted earthy colors, in fact I think I will try to find another one I think the center piece can handle another one. Right?
The small acorn needed a touch of bling so I took out my gold metallic pen outlined the leaf and grid pattern and added a few stokes on the base & stem it turned out pretty good!

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  1. I love the colors that you've used in your vignettes. So rich and lucious!

    1. Thank you Suzy I appreciate comments & when I receive one I am like a child on Christmas morn. Have a nice evening~

  2. All your decorations look lovely. You're not late getting the Fall decor out. I haven't even started yet, well unless you want to count that the boxes are out of the attic and I have painted some pumpkins. Hoping to get around to decorating today.

    1. Thank you, I am excited to hop on over to your blog & get some inspiration! I bet your painted pumpkins look awesome.

      Thank You~

  3. Love the colors in your fall decor. I wish I had time to do this to my house.

    1. Proud Mama~ Thank you I always look forward to your comments, it makes me feel like a child at Christmas time, SO EXCITED! If I could I would go to your home & decorate it for you~

      Thank you~

  4. Beautiful job! It looks great for fall. :)

  5. Hi Nina, I'm Anne from Life on the Funny Farm ( visiting from Fantabulous Friday.

    Your decorations are so beuatiful!!!

    It’s nice to "meet" you. I hope you can pop over to my blog and say hi sometime if you get the chance.

  6. Just Gorgeous! So classy:) Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays!

  7. Brilliant putting the tassel on the pumpkin! Love the elegance!

  8. This is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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