Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Colorful Balls

Okay, so they are not balls, but that is what my angels called them when they saw them!  Hee~Hee!
I bought the rug from Ikea several years ago,  fabric glue  from Hobby Lobby, and the pom-poms from School Discounters.com I think I paid $17.00 for over 1000 pom-poms.

I  love monograms, and although this is not one of the fanciest ones out there, that is alright with me because, you see I made it for the angels playroom.  They love the texture & color of the soft pom~poms!  I think it is cute & it turned out as I expected plus, it goes perfect with the playroom.

It took me most of the day & a very sore back but I think it is cute, and looks great in the play room.  I still have more pom~poms and another rug so I may just make another one!
Last night after I finished posting, one of the angels had a coughing fit & woke, I was not able to go to sleep after I took care of him so I took about 30 minutes to work & finish these.  This is how I purchased them.

 This is what they look like now!

This is what I used: Black sharpie, plastic to keep the pen from bleeding through, thumb tacks, & a silver pen, all of these I had on hand so they still just cost me $.97 each!

Not sure what I will work on tomorrow, but I do know that I will make it out to the thrift store to get that lamp I am after, didn't make it out today I really hope it is still there.

Thank you & Many Blessings

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