Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Organizing

I never made a conscious decision to start spring cleaning, but it seems that I am on that kick!  Today I went into my decor closet to  get something and this is what I found.  It was not pretty and I thought I had better organize it so that nothing falls & breaks. It is so stuffed  I think I had better sell some things. I know it would make my husband happy to get rid of some of these beauties!  See anything??  What he doesn't know is that I recently took over another bigger closet for some decor things and crafting goodies I would LOVE to keep it all in one place.  Maybe later~

It looks so much better right?  I look in here & see so many ideas and DIY's.  Do YOU?  What would you do with something you have spotted in here?

Look how beautiful the mirror looks with the other two, I had some others hanging there, but they just did not look good so I chose my 3 favorites.  By  the way all 3 of these lovelies were bought second hand, the smallest one to your left was purchased at a church sale in Denver for $1.00 it is stamped Borghese it is soooooo very beautiful, the second one was bought at a thrift store for $1.00, it is plastic but it is still so pretty and of course my latest is the bigger one that I just bought yesterday for $8.00.  They are hanging above my collection of swans housed in my homemade cloches.  I will post about those later, I am sure you have seen these made on other blogs.  I love how these showcase my swans.

I am just not sure what I will be able to get done tomorrow, as spring break starts and I pick the angels up from school early so, I may just get beds made, get some laundry done & pick up the house before I  pick them up.  I am so excited, I love having them home with me plus this coming week is their birthday!  We don't have any big plans as we have done so in the past & it is just so crazy with college spring breakers so we will just do something close to home and have fun together as a family.

Thank you & Many Blessings~

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