Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Short & Sweet

I ventured out to the Dollar Store today in search of some large bags for some items I need bagged for a sale I am participating in soon.(pictures appearing soon)  They did not have any but...next door is one of my favorite thrift shops, I needed to buy some hangers for the clothes I need to sell, I bought those and also found these little cuties.

I found these adorable quails, I had to get them as my beautiful mommy had some sort of like these, they reminded me of her and our home growing up. I found them for $1.00 ea.
A music book, I have been inspired by some blogs out there that have made some nice things using music sheets so I want to try some myself. $1.00
The apothecary jar was also $1.00 can you tell it is acrylic?  I don't think you can have to many of them displaying little pretties you have made or bought.

Short but sweet post~
Thank You & Many Blessings


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Great finds! The quail are lovely!

    1. Hi~ I painted the quails, because they had some very minor chipping & I wanted to hide them. I wiilpost an after picture soon.

      Thank You & Many Blessings~


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