Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Dirty Secrets

Okay, so they are not dirty nor are they really not a secret, actually they are out for everyone to see!
Wanna see? Okay but be warned~

 Our old/new microwave in our front entrance! Now I ask you does that say welcome?  My husbands office moved & they needed one for a short period of time so I said just take ours. Well... he never did  take it so it just sat there for 2 weeks, I just just rearranged/organized out front storage closet (where I had it) and I did not want to mess things again by putting it back in .But I did today!

Another secret, I hide things! Behind this chair is storage bags with decorative pillows & throws.  I need to take them to the consignment store, but I just hate to do that because consignment shops don't give you a good enough return.  Anyone have some ideas as to where I could sell they them, I have about 7 boxes in the garage of things to consign/sell.

AND these handbags & clothes...for sale too, but again no consignment shops.  Heck there are Prada's, Versace and some Gucci's in hanging here.  I would hate to see them sell for so little & me only getting 40% of the sale!  Not sure if it is worth it this route~

What do you think?  How do you sell your goods?   Oh, sorry I digress, these are in our front room and again have been hanging there for more than 2 weeks maybe even a month.  It is driving my husband bonkers!

Well so that was not so bad.

Thank You & Many Blessings~

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