Friday, March 2, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Mirror Mirror You Started It All

Finally!  For some reason I was having a difficult time trying to post anything on my new blog, but thank God I think I fixed it.  Whew!

This is the mirror my friend saw, and asked are you crazy?  How can you work with that?  How can you fix that, it is broken?  I had a plan, I knew I could not fix the mirror, but I could somehow cover the broken area.  See The broken area?  Not pretty right? Sorry for the blur I will get better with that too!

This was the sale price, I adore Hobby Lobby.
It was originally $79.99 and I paid $16.00
This is what I used to repair the broken, shattered piece.  Yes just plain spackling, I think I use it fairly often to fix other broken items.  Pieces that I know I can cover some way some how.  You can already see that I started to cover the area with silver leaf.  I decided to use this, because I felt it would be the closest look to a mirror.
OH GOOD GRIEF!  I did not take a picture of the final product!  But check back, you will not be sorry.  I will post it next time. Promise~Please forgive a NEWBIE!
I told you how much I love to thrift and this is what I picked up yesterday, two matching lamps for $4.00 each.  I loved the shape & the size is perfect for our master suite.  You can already see that I started to prep them for a new face lift.  I am going to paint them so they match with our decor.  Stay tuned for the reveal.

Thank you & Many Blessings

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