Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Do~ Do Windows & The Coveted Lamp

Today I decided before I  pick up my coveted lamp I would clean all the window casings in our kitchen, they were simply GROSS!  So I guess I do indeed do windows. I can not believe how bad they get in just one year I try to do them at least once a year I may just need to do them once in the spring  & another in the fall. Thank God I enjoy housework and being a homebody helps too.

So take a look at the before & after~BEFORE Gross right?

Awh...clean~                      AFTER   I have a wall of windows so that means 5 windows.  I am even inspired to do the whole house and I only have 2 day left to do that as spring break is starting.

I felt so much better today so after I cleaned the windows I was off to the thrift store to buy my lamp!  Guess what?  It was still there.  Did I come with it?  NO! and here is why, I went with the intention & anticipation of buying it & thinking how awesome it will look once I got it painted.  I put it in my buggy went to pay for it I even had a coupon for 25% off so I was geared up.  Well...the cashier said it was not over $25.00 (it was marked $24.00) therefore I could not buy the lamp using the coupon.  WHAT? SO, this man next in line suggested that I pay an extra $1.00 to bring it to the $25.00 we asked the manager and can you imagine she said NO!  They would have come out ahead only losing out on $5.00 rather than the $6.00 cause I would have paid the extra to get the discount.  All is not lost as I came out with a beautiful mirror to add to my "small" collection of mirrors for $8.00, 2 small glass candle holders $1.00 and one small apothecary jar $2.50 not bad at all.  I think I will still dream of the lamp, but something better is out there just waiting for me or I may wait for it to go on sale, I still like this thrift store, so this will not keep me away.

Isn't the mirror beautiful? It is stamped Italy  I LOVE it, I have seen mirrors such as these in magazines and always thought they were so lovely & of course I wanted one and now I do!!  I will hang it with the other small mirrors & show you later.

I do not know if I will be able to do any DIY's  tomorrow, I wanted to paint my lamps but we are to have rain & wind so not great weather for spray paint, so let's see what I come up with.

Thank you & Many Blessings~

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