Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Ghost Story~

During my trip to see my best friends, Maria & I went to an estate sale after a yummy~yummy lunch at my very favorite restaurant.  While we were walking along checking things out she felt something/someone touch her bum not once but twice.  Are you scared?  After she felt it the first time she turned & asked me why am I  touching her bum?  I let he know that I did not touch her in any way and then she felt it again.  That was the only exciting thing we saw/felt in the sale I did however pick up a swan to add to my growing collection.  I only paid $2.00 for her.

                                                         Pretty Glass & Brass Swan~

It is the most colorful swan I own so I think I will just keep it in our kitchen, perhaps hang it from the window.  Swans mean so much to my family as my mothers maiden name means swan so we all collect them, I once had a larger collection but honestly I do not know what happened to some of them.

                          Also, as I was getting ready to leave Daisy's house she gave me this~
                                         Silver Blown Glass Swan with white feathers~

           I know this is not the best picture so I will take another tomorrow to share...again, sorry! Believe me she is beautiful and she looks so lovely with the rest of my collection that I have under cloche's that I have pieced together.

I hope you enjoyed my ghost story & you were not to frightened~HeeHeeHee!
Later in the week I will share more pictures of my trip.

Thank you & Many Blessings~

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