Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I Clean & Lift Stains With~

After I returned home from my trip to see the besties I saw this large red stain on our sofa, I thought it was blood & asked my husband about it & he did not think it was since none of the angels got hurt & bled while I was gone~whew!  It was a fairly large stain~

                    I also found this white stain, again my husband did not know where it came from~

               I took out my trusty bottle of peroxide, I transferred it to a spray bottle for ease of use~

                             I spray it directly onto the spot I do not dilute it just use it full strength.

Here it is doing it"s job~

I just allow it to sit on the spot I do not try to clean it off with a cloth as I do not want the stain to get into the fibers of the sofa.

Here is where the stain "WAS"
Like magic it is gone~

I love to use peroxide on stains I use it on all types of fabrics, it is inexpensive & it cleans & lifts stains so easily.

Thank you & Many Blessings~


  1. Will Peroxide work on any stain. I'm in the process of potty training and we've had a few accidents so I'm wondering if it will work on those kinds of stains.

    Also, do you have any tips on getting gum out of clothes. My little man went to a baseball game last week and came home with gum all over his pants. Ugh!

  2. I am not sure about any stain, especially if you can not get to it quickly! On urine stains yes it works wonders,I know what you mean about the potty training, such a process right?
    Perhaps you should try ice on his pants before you put them in the washer, try to scrape as much of it off while it is hard from the ice. I am not sure if you will get it all up though.
    If not, I have another idea, if the stain is below the belt you can cut the stain off, hem and now they are shorts.

    Hope that helps!
    Thank You & Many Blessings~


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