Thursday, April 26, 2012

F for Failure~

I am posting this to show you that not everything I do is perfect or even works out like it did in my dreams.  So, basically I am keeping it real for you.

It all started with this basic Ikea shelving unit: I use it for the angels linens~

 I painted it, changed the "feet" from square to round & I also changed the handle.  It looks so much brighter~ Right?

You can take a look at the feet here as well as the paint splatters on the floor~how's that for keeping it real?

This is what I used to help with the beautifying process~

I laid out the aluminium & coated the door panel with Mod Podge~

I cut away the excess aluminium and gave it a coat with my favorite metallic paint it looked like this~

It looked so terrible I ripped the aluminium right off & into the bin it went.  :0(  Now I need to think of my options, last week while in Michael's I saw some mirror like scrap book paper, that is one option, I also saw some die-cut circles in bright colors or some die-cut cut outs~I just don't know~
Have you any ideas on how I might cover this panel?

Thank You & Many Blessings~

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