Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Take the stink AWAY~PLEASE!

Last week I did not get much sleep, why you ask?  Well allow me to share a short story with you.  It all started with a critter, we call this critter possum.  Have you seen this critter, it is so ugly, but I hear it eats a lot of other insects, snakes & rodents so we tolerate them.  Oh, I forgot to tell you I have a sister that HATES said critter so I tease her with them saying your friend was in the yard, eating the cat food etc...etc... Well this critter got into our attic and was doing River Dance up there for 4 nights, it was truly very loud.  I was not able to sleep as I was afraid it would get into our house some way, of course hubby said I was crazy there is no way, still it kept me up.  So on the 3rd day my husband made a little hole in hopes it would let it self out.  I was thrilled!  I did not hear anything so I was finally able to sleep.zzz AHHHHH!

Okay, here is the yucky part of the story.  Two days ago I started smelling this stench, go ahead I will wait till you can continue to read this. There catch your bearings?  I have a reason for posting this, really, I do wait till the end of the story please it has a happy ending.  Last night my husband came home from the office & asked me what is that smell in the living room?  What do you think I ask?  He looked at me & I pointed up, ahhhh he said~The Critter?  Yes, I say I think it died either in the attic or between the walls.  The stench was so bad I needed to come up with a safe non chemical way to combat this.  I remember my beautiful mom using baking soda to 'soak' up odors so I thought I would try it, but I added a little something.  Wanna know what it is?  Here take a look at everything I used~ because IT WORKED~

I strategically placed all 7 of these bowls of baking soda & essential oils throughout our living room.  When my husband came home from work I asked WELL?  He thought awhile I asked him do you smell anything?  He said NO it smells good kind of like oregano or some sort of spice, I used mandarin & sandal wood oil & I only used about 7 drops in each bowl.  Our house smells so good I am heading to the Dollar Store tomorrow to buy more of these small glass bowls to use in every room of our house!  Try this if you do not want/like to use chemicals in your home.  I stay away from all chemicals, in later posts I will show you how I use other common household items to clean our home.

And they all lived happily ever after~ THE END



  1. We had a mouse die in our wall one time, it was awful. Good to know about the baking soda & essential oils. Nice to have a fresh smelling house even if you don't have a dead critter in your walls. Thanks for sharing. ~ Abby

  2. Abby~ Ya I think it may get worse, since it will begetting hotter & humid, I just do not know where that critter is. YUCK right?
    Try the baking soda & oils, my husband likes it so much he wants me to put it in every room & you know what? I think I will~
    Thank You & Many Blessings


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