Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Happy Tuesday to you~I wanted to share with you the yummy meal I made tonight but I failed to take a picture of the finished product.  Ugh, I hate when I do that I either do not take a picture before I start a project or when I am finished, so my library of pictures is not complete.  That means I have finished product but I do not have pictures of the 'before' or the 'after' so I really need to get on the ball & get this done so that I may share them with you.
So I thought & thought what can I share with you that is really cool.?  These popped into my head~ our 2 beautiful carved Spanish chairs.
I saw these beautiful chairs on Craigslist and emailed the person selling them, that I thought they were  beautiful and that I would love them for my angel's rooms, they were listed at $400.00, I did not want to pay that much and told him so, well the man asked me to make him an offer.  I informed him I would only insult him so I would not nor could not make an offer.  I let some time pass (about a month) constantly thinking of these chairs, then one day I receive an email from the man asking me to come take a look at them, I asked my husband to take me,(ladies do not do this alone) again it took us two weeks to actually go see them.  When we arrived at his home he said he wanted me to have them for $00.00 I said I could not accept them but he insisted that he wanted me to have them he thanked me for being so nice to him and he knew how much I wanted them for the angels so here they are~In the ENTRY...=0)  

I have 2 of them & yes they are in our entry, I have them here because when I had them in the angels rooms they were a bit rough with them, so here they will stay until they know how to take care of them and treat them gently. But can you honestly believe I got them for 'FREE'.  I must tell you they are heavy and carved so beautifully.  They leather is embossed with a Spanish castle and rampant lions, the seats could be replaced, but I kind of like them this way.  I like to think of the people around the dinner table, oh the stories they could tell.

I am going to make you this promise, I will NEVER start or end a project without a before or after picture, I also, need to complete my library.
In another post I will share with you other items I got from Craigslist for FREE or ALMOST FREE Until then~

Thank You & Many Blessings~


  1. its awesome and two wow just wowo

  2. You make me so happy! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for following me & leaving me wonderful comments . You make me want to continue, when I just want to stop.
    Thank you again & Many Many Blessings-


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