Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Took A Little Trip

I recently went on a trip to see my best friends that I miss so very much, I got to see all of them and even had the pleasure to see some of their children...FUN!  A few months ago my friend Daisy asked me to do something with one of her son's room and if I had time her living area also.  Well I had time and I did both rooms & even got her started on her master bedroom!  Woo Hoo~
This is what her son's room looked like before, the whole arrangement would not allow for a good flow~ The bed is pushed up against the wall & it made it hard to make each day. Notice the bookshelves in the second picture I made some big changes there too.

                                                   Can you tell he loves Dr. Seuss?



It flows so much better now and he is able to play on either side of his bed, he also has a small work table on the left side of the bed that he uses to do his homework.  I had one of my other besties Maria as my "assistant" we had so much fun. She & I worked so hard & fast because we wanted to do this while Daisy & her family were at a birthday party. Whew, we almost made it but when they arrived home they were so happy to see some changes going on & got in on the fun and helped us a bit.  Poor Daisy pulled a muscle in her back taking her younger son out of the car so she took it easy & sorted toys to donate.  Daisy's son walked into his room & noticed every thing I did he even noticed that I de-cluttered & re-arranged his bookshelf.  He is soooo smart!  I think on my next visit I will need to do her younger son's room as he has outgrown his toddler bed & wants something new she told me the name but I am not able to recall what it was he wants I think it is some sort of children's super hero.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Please let me know what you think maybe you would have done something different.

Thank you & Many Blessings~

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